Granted Qualification:
                  1) ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate
                  2) EN ISO 13485 Medical Device Management System Certificate
                  3) MDSAP Quality Management System Certificate
                  4) Domestic Class I Medical Device Product Registration (PVC, Nitrile, PE, PVC/nitrile blended gloves)
                  5) Domestic Food Contact Test (PVC, Nitrile, PE Gloves)
                  6) EU EN455 Certificate (PVC, Nitrile, PVC/nitrile blended gloves)
                  7) EU PPE certificate (PVC, Nitrile gloves)
                  8) EU food contact test (PVC, Nitrile gloves)
                  9) Canadian license (PVC, Nitrile, CPE gloves)
                  10) U.S. food contact NSF certificate (PVC gloves)
                  11) U.S. food contact test (Nitrile, PVC、PE gloves)
                  12) Each individual production factory obtained the U.S. FDA 510K certificate
                  13) Each individual Nitrile glove production factory performed anti-cancer Chemo test and acquired the U.S. FDA Chemo 510K